Data Science

Data alone is just a commodity; it is Data Science that converts Big Data into knowledge and insights. ICT research in Data Science specifically studies the methods, algorithms and technology to unlock the knowledge that is hidden in all sorts of data and data systems, e.g. from the computer science or applied mathematics perspectives.

An illustrative example concerns data in large-scale information systems, which is usually created and generated for specific purposes, namely to support operational processes within organisations. However, as a by-product, such event data provide an enormous source of hidden knowledge about what is happening. Organisations can only capitalise on that knowledge if they are able to extract it and transform it into into novel services. Analysing the data provides opportunities for organisations to gather knowledge to capitalise historic and current performance of their processes and exploit future chances for performance improvement.

Another example concerns the rich source of information and insights that data from the Social Web provides. Analysing Social Web Data provides governments, society and companies with better understanding of their community and knowledge about human behaviour and preferences.

Data Science Research

The main objective of ICT-research in Data Science is to study the science and technology to unlock the knowledge that is hidden inside Big Data.

DSPN connects Data Science researchers from all disciplines by organising knowledge exchange activities.

Data Science Education

The demand for highly educated Data Scientists is growing. The DSPN members are approaching this demand by offering data science education at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD, and professional); see the websites of the members for more information.

DSPN has an active role in overseeing the educational programmes at the different institutes and in coordinating future initiatives.